Thursday, 7 April 2011

Week 8 Directed Study - Creativity With Paper

Brief 1: A Hardcore punk band require a flyer for a forthcoming gig. The band must reflect their punk ethos, and will be handed out at a range of other events.

The Flyers are going to be on A5 size paper, but since I will print 1000 copies, flyers will be printed on A1 size paper for money saving. Instead of printing 1000 copies, I will print 62 copies.  
I will be using glossy paper. The reason is because on the flyer will be a photographic image, and with glossy paper will have better quality. Plus most of the times flyers are thrown on the streets and the glossy paper will not be destroyed easily.
The paper stock will be at 150gsm. The reason is because we do not need either a hard paper or a very soft one.
For the flyer design I will be concentrated on colour like black and white, plus a pink colour or a yellow one. The reason to that is because punk bands usually their image and ethos is in within those colours.
The photograph I used in my design is one of my own picture portfolio, which I took from a live gig.
Since I used Sex Pistols for my flyer, I tried to make a logo of the band, which associates with the band's image.
This is the original picture without any editing, that I used for the flyer. 

This is the part when I edited the image and started to "play" with the design.

This is the part when I did the Sex Pistols logo and continued the design.

Here is the part when I was exercising with colour and shape.

Here I added some more editing into the design. The outline of the guitar is in pink colour.

This is the final design.

Brief 2: A company that makes "green" products requires a set of business card for their sales team.

This is the front of the business card.
My Business card will be on a standard size (85x55mm). It will be printed on A3 size paper for money saving, therefore 40 business cards on each copy. The paper that is going to be printed on, will be recycled or uncoated paper, since is an environmental friendly company. The paper stock will be 400 gsm because business cards have to be thick so they are not destroyed easily.
Furthermore for the design I am going to use colours of nature, like green, brown and some creamy colour. I also created a logo for the company,
 that is called RecycleME.

This is the back of the business card.

This is the first step I did to create the logo of the company.
This is the colour i decided that was going to be. A more warm colour since we want a "green" planet.
This is the background of the business card. I liked the texture of the fallen leaves and the creamy background.
This is the step where I started using inDesign, and finished the logo of the company. 

Those 2 are the finish versions of the business card.

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